About Us

ASA has been founded in 2012 by three partners, an “A” grade financial market broker (“Agah” brokerage firm) and two other IT based firms with strong background in banking and tourism technology.

The founders put all their financial and technical efforts for ASA to become a full service Fin-Tech company with more than 45 staff members developing a wide variation of solutions for financial markets.

ASA, as a fully licensed firm (by TSE), provides a wide range of integrated stock market services to Agah Clients. We started by providing an automated data delivery and analysis framework which makes clients trades more efficient. Eventually the solution will turn into a trade signal generator facilitating portfolio or wealth management processes.

On the trade side, ASA provides an agile, safe and reliable trading multi-platform (Web, IOS and android) which carries out client’s orders as well as post trade services. We believe that an integrated social network community will improve the exchange of information between clients. Building on that, our “CRM” and “Bashghah” (customer club) services allows the broker and clients to communicate more efficiently resulting in a better understanding of their true demands.


We believe our existence is to improve quality and capacity of financial services utilizing advanced technologies and world class knowledge in a path which brings benefit to our client’s capitals.


  • ASA is to create value and wealth to the all stakeholders in Fin-Tech sector
  • We think financial markets are good tools to make the world a better place to live, therefore, ASA helps to improve them
  • ASA wants to introduce brokers to a new age of intelligence and empowerment, where they can create more and more value, and thinks being free of all monopolies is the way to do so
  • We are to improve the brokers efficiency with providing the best solutions and services available in the nation
  • ASA holds itself responsible for transferring society’s wealth towards the optimal positions


  • To reach a market share of 10% in three years
  • To reach 80% of our designated goals regarding the development of solutions and software
  • To deploy our solutions so as for customers to feel a sense of integration while using
  • To introduce ourselves as a value company with an amicable working environment


  • Participatory leadership and management
  • Developing a fighting spirit
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Profit sharing
  • Telescopic management
  • Root cause analysis
  • Don’t get customers, make partners
  • Positive collaboration with regulatory bodies
Agah Group

Agah, as a leading full-service financial group in Iran offers a wide range of financial services to diversified clients.

Agah Group

Specialized in trading signals distribution through web2 service

Behin Rahkar Co.

Specialized in IT security services.

Behin Rahkar

Specialized in banking sector B2B services.